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Finding your voice

You have an impressive marketing programme which matches clear corporate objectives; you are active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; you are in regular contact with journalists; and you run numerous stakeholder events every year. But have you lost your voice? Amidst all the distractions of managing a multi-disciplinary communications programme, it’s essential to hold on […]

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Assume nothing!

This is our unofficial company motto and it has stood us in good stead over the years. We all make assumptions: assuming it won’t rain because the weather forecast said it wouldn’t or in my case, assuming that it will rain because I have just washed my hair and I have neither a jacket nor

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2017. Time to get a grip on your PR

I am the sort of person who always likes to get a grip. I am not a fan of drifting along hoping that everything will turn out for the best. PR, however, is a ‘slow burn’ activity, building over many weeks and months with the results only apparent long after the hard work has been

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#FakeNews. How do you get your message across to an increasingly distrustful public?

Most people have always been aware that what you read in the papers, see on TV or social media may not be 100% accurate. Anything that has been edited, re-written or re-presented will be coloured by the viewpoint of the person doing the editing – whether consciously or unconsciously. It may be a simple case

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PR is everywhere

Please remember: PR is not left in the office when the doors close at the end of the day. Reputation management needs to be a constant concern. I am currently sitting on the train, listening with great interest to the conversations of other passengers. It is amazing the information people are happy to loudly impart

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PRing Advertisements

It has always been argued that PR and advertising are two very different things. The recent phenomenon of Christmas adverts has meant, however, that the two are becoming closer aligned. The hype around John Lewis’ 2015 Christmas advert was up and running long before the advert itself. I have still not actually seen the advert

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Social Media is changing the parameters of PR. I recently received news linked to a major national newspaper. It was strictly embargoed so that nothing could be released prior to it appearing in the Sunday edition. Perfectly normal practice. What surprised me, however, was that it then stated that it was fine to mention the

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Public Relations or Promotion? It’s not just about the Fizz

We are always pleased when we are contacted by those considering a career in PR to ask our advice, to discuss our experiences, and the reality of a life in PR. Often these people fall into two camps: The first group talk about ‘understanding a clients’ business at all levels, from all angles’, producing ‘targeted

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Phillips Pr file is supp rting the #missingtype c mp ign.

This week is National Blood Week, and the NHS Blood and Transplant have launched a campaign to get more people to give blood. New donors are needed to the tune of 204,000 so we urge people to come forward and donate as soon as they can. You won’t miss it when you give it; but patients

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Not so Grim after all

BBC Radio 1 bosses are reportedly ‘livid’ with presenter Nick Grimshaw. The DJ lost his voice after partying with celebrity friends in Istanbul over the weekend. Pictures were posted on Instagram, by ‘Grimmy’ himself it would appear, living-it-up and enjoying the celebrity lifestyle. On Monday morning, however, he had lost of voice and was unable

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