PR is everywhere

Please remember: PR is not left in the office when the doors close at the end of the day. Reputation management needs to be a constant concern.

I am currently sitting on the train, listening with great interest to the conversations of other passengers. It is amazing the information people are happy to loudly impart in the company of assumed strangers.

As it happens, the remarks and opinions of the people sat behind me are rather irrelevant to me. They may not, however, be so irrelevant to the other 14 people in the carriage.

When you speak about your company or your clients, whether to friends or among an anonymous group, you are still representing yourself and your company. PR is not just about the written word in a magazine, newspaper or on the digital screen. Nor is it limited to the radio or television. PR is everything you do, everything you say and everything people do and say about you.

It is all very well your employees sitting in the office saying lovely things about their company and clients, but if they sit on the train (my train!) complaining a little too loudly, I will overhear, and so will other people. Are you sure that what they are saying will be positive?

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