The team at Phillips Profile is small but mighty!

About us

PR is a multifunctional tool that can take many forms and every client’s requirement is different.

When we consider a client’s PR mix there will always be two main elements – promotion and protection. The promotion element will always be obvious, whereas protection seemingly flies under the radar.  As your agency these two functions remain front and centre, at all times.


We are experienced in all aspects of PR and work individually and as a team to the highest standards in writing, client-working relationships, and journalist contacts across all media. Humour is our sanity.
Margaret Phillips, Founder & Senior PR Consultant

Margaret Phillips

Founder & Senior PR Consultant

  • Set up Phillips Profile 25 years ago
  • A clear-thinking communications strategist
  • Intuitive of a client’s PR needs
  • A lateral thinker with imaginative ideas
  • Writer and proof-reader
  • Unenthusiastic about running; loves driving at night
Georgina Dunlop, Senior PR Consultant

Georgina Dunlop

Senior PR Consultant

  • First-class, intelligent PR writer
  • Develops excellent and positive rapport with clients
  • Builds lasting media contacts to the benefit of clients
  • Demonstrates an immediate and accurate grasp of a situation
  • Is an international sportswoman who loves fancy-dress parties
Louise Godfrey, Senior PR Consultant

Louise Godfrey

Senior PR Consultant

  • Immensely practical and intelligent in approach
  • Excellent writer
  • Shrewd in forward planning for a client
  • Delights in achieving media success for a client at all levels from local to international
  • Thinks laterally
  • Is the company hedonist when time allows

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