Profile definition and development

We will help you understand your brand and position your organisation.  We will then build its profile on those solid foundations.

So why not just get on with promoting the company and its products and services?

  • Clients are often not aware of their own strengths and vulnerabilities vis-à-vis their market
  • Clients often do not see a story that they have to tell
  • They can be unaware that a gap exists between where they are perceived to be and where they need to be
  • They need to know the market position occupied by their competition
  • They need to identify and work with their USPs

Case studies:

The MS Research Trust  – Taking an embryo charity and growing its profile to achieve recognition of its work, and supporting its development until truly established

Stratford Town Trust – Establishing an identity

CCSF – Introducing a new charity, breaking new ground

PlantGrow – Launching a new business

Cambridge Water – Communicating clearly to consumers via local and regional media