Richard Beales takes on new, personal challenge

Richard Beale_LR-5106

Richard Beales, son of the late Peter Beales, founder of worldwide-renowned rose growers, Peter Beales Roses, has left the company to which he was heir and has set up his own garden design company, Richard Beales Design: Roses and Gardens.

His departure from the family business startled a number of observers who imagined that Richard Beales would take over the company on the death of his much-loved Father. But a combination of circumstances, including the break with family tradition that saw an overseas investor move centre stage, coinciding with Richard’s tragic loss of both parents and his sister, Amanda, within the space of two years, led to a radical
change in Richard’s outlook. Knowing that Peter Beales Roses, with its outstanding professional team of rose experts, was secure for the future in the hands of his long-time colleague and mentor, Ken March, as managing director, Richard decided to take up a personal challenge.

Looked at from the point of view of Richard’s experience, this is a more reasoned move than might at first seem apparent. For over 20 years, he has been responsible for the design of the Peter Beales Roses stand at Chelsea. Each year, the design has show-cased the perfection of the roses to gold-medal standard over successive Chelsea exhibitions and Richard has been dedicated to achieving consistently that winning
standard of design. Over time, he has become more and more interested in how design has an impact on presentation.

As his knowledge of roses is second to none, roses are likely to feature prominently in Richard’s designs and planting if a client so wishes, however he is very aware how roses can be presented within the context of other flowering plants, shrubs and trees to create a whole and varied picture and is eager to apply the knowledge he has amassed over the years.

This knowledge also encompasses the long and slow process of rose breeding, an early love that Richard wishes to resume in the future.

‘Right now’, explains Richard, ‘my whole focus is upon building a roses and gardens design business within horticulture that reflects everything I have learned from my Father since childhood. Peter Beales Roses stands as his lasting memorial. My business will stand as my personal and professional tribute to him as I reinterpret and develop ideas that have been a long time in the making and are now ready to be grown.’

Amongst Richard’s first assignments is the commission he has won from Capel Manor College in north London, to recreate its present Princess Diana Garden as a scented rose garden. The new garden will celebrate, in the selection of roses planted, the legacy Princess Diana has left through the charitable work now undertaken by her sons Princes William and Harry. The design is almost complete and planting will begin in the Spring of 2015 in time for a press preview in June.


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