Innovative galley features strike interest for AIM Altitude – Next generation galleys (13 Jun 2017)

AIM Altitude’s new prototype galley, featured at AIX Hamburg 2017, has spiked interest from various airline customers. The galley features were designed from research carried out by AIM Altitude in New Zealand.


Zoe Wenn, Industrial Designer at AIM Altitude, explained: “The prototype is a first step towards some possible new features for next generation galleys. We have focussed on testing the products and getting first-hand feedback from airlines for us to continue to refine the design. Our intent would be to include some of these features on our baseline standard galleys in the future.”


The features of the galley that drew particular attention at the show were the:

  • Flush pull-out table – a user-minded functional enhancement to make greater use of space
  • Clip-on trim system – a maintenance friendly option for simple replacement of damaged trim, helping to keep the galley looking pristine. Trim colours can also be customised for brand requirements
  • Pantry – a unique way of storing traditional galley equipment, full or half- height pantry units for the storage of Atlas Drawers or standard units add benefits in terms of crew access, galley capacity and aesthetics
  • Replaceable décor panels – galley exterior panels are easily removed or replaced if damaged, and also easily interchangeable to meet custom branding needs

The process of designing the next generation galley has included stakeholder empathy studies; engaging with cabin crew, maintenance and catering personnel; observation flights; and collaboration with other parties, like International Water-Guard for the water dispenser.

Zoe Wenn continued: “We aim to make evolutionary improvements, rather than trying to revolutionise aircraft food service. Whilst pushing the boundaries, we need to keep our developments realisable to bring genuine value and benefits to stakeholders.”


AIM Altitude has a range of developments for the galley that, as a collection of features, act as parts of the whole. An airline can select just one feature, or several working together.

For more information on AIM Altitude’s next-generation galley features, including flush task lighting, flush sinks, configurable shelving, improved foot steps and UV Water Dispenser modules, contact