GTC’s fibre technology and partnership with Sky bring Winchester development bang up to date (24th July 2015)

– Bovis Homes’ buyers and Hampshire residents reap benefits of fibre –



Leading independent utilities infrastructure provider, GTC, has been awarded the contract by Bovis Homes for Winchester Village, an exciting new development in the Hampshire city. The deal sees GTC installing fibre-to-the-home technology into every new home, bringing fast, reliable broadband connections, as well as free Sky TV for 12 months. A multi-utilities provider, GTC will also be supplying the connections for the more traditional utilities of gas and electricity.


Bovis Homes’ Regional Marketing Manager, Candice McCabe, says: “GTC is providing us with fibre-ready homes so there is no wait for the fibre connection once the homeowner has moved in. This is very convenient for our customers and the fibre-to-the-home technology offers the reliable and fast internet access demanded in today’s market. It fits in perfectly with the vision we have for this exciting, modern location.”


Winchester Village is significant in terms of the technology employed, and the vision of GTC, Bovis Homes and Hampshire County Council.


Councillor Roy Perry, Leader of Hampshire County Council, explains: “It is very encouraging to see that the collaborative work we are doing with housing developers, internet service providers and district councils – to ensure that everyone moving into a new house in Hampshire has access to superfast broadband from day one –  is paying off.  We are committed to Hampshire’s prosperity, and access to superfast broadband for residents and businesses is a crucial element to the future prospects of Hampshire.


“The good progress we are making with our rural broadband programme will see an additional 97,000 existing homes and businesses in Hampshire connected to superfast broadband by 2018 – so it really is important that any new homes have superfast broadband – and are not left behind.”


GTC will be installing a Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS). This means that satellite television can be received on one community dish, with the television signal transmitted via the fibre-to-the-home network. This removes the need for unsightly satellite dishes on each property, ensures a high quality signal and, through GTC’s partnership with Sky, means Bovis Homes will be able to offer new homeowners premium TV services including Sky+ and SkyHD, as part of a moving-in package.


Tom Brough, Sales and Marketing Director at GTC, says, “Both FTTH and FIRS are excellent solutions for new developments. Fibre-to-the-home brings reliable high-speed broadband services directly into each home and, together with the FIRS technology and our partnership offering free SKYTV for 12 months, homeowners can also receive a wide range of TV services. In today’s competitive market, these give house builders a real edge.”