AIM: Enhanced galleys for the premium experience (14 Apr 2018)

The prototype galley on AIM Altitude’s stand at AIX 2018 focuses on innovative design that improves in-flight service delivery and enhances the aesthetic of this functional equipment.


A full centreline complex is on display to demonstrate forward- and aft-facing galleys with a central ceiling. The developments are based on the airlines’ desire to promote quality and brand among all elements of the cabin interior, whilst ensuring the galley is easily maintainable and meets weight requirements.


The branding and passenger experience elements that AIM Altitude has made possible on the prototype galley include animated lighting features, self-service ‘zones’, and various methods of disguising functional equipment, thereby making the galley product more aesthetically pleasing and cohesive within the overall cabin environment.

Feature                       Description                                                                Development Stage
Paddle latch doors
A modern styled latch to bring a premium look
Roller blind
A baseline solution to hide functional galley equipment
Feature ceiling
Bespoke solutions to airline specification
Flush pull-out table
A pull-out table that sits flush with the galley work-surface
Removable decor panels
Sacrificial panels can be easily replaced to keep the galley external surfaces looking pristine
Customisable self-serve unit
Bespoke solutions to airline specifications
Embedded task lighting
Task lighting embedded into the panel to create a seamless surface and direct focused work light
In development
Integrated noteholder trim
Designed with maintenance in mind to reduce surface damage from adhesives
In development
Replaceable plastic clip-on trim
Designed with maintenance in mind, an easy replaceable plastic panel capping
In development
Fold & stow doors for galleys
Premium hinged compartment doors that slide away into cavities when galley is in use
Animated RGBW lighting
A new lighting system that allows for bespoke programming of light to airline specification