AIM Altitude takes virtual tour from Concept to Completion (05 April 2016)

AIM Altitude’s innovative stand at AIX 2016 takes visitors on an immersive journey from Concept to Completion. Using Virtual Reality, AIM Altitude is enabling people to experience the full possibilities of cabin design and build.


Beginning with the development phase, the tour includes a ‘concept studio’ displaying thought process, concept sketches and initial project techniques. These show the progression of a galley, bar and outboard closets, centred around the

Door 2 area on a wide-bodied aircraft.


Showing how AIM Altitude works with the customer to develop design inspirations, the next stage progresses to a Virtual Experience to bring the products to life within a contextual environment, before a single ‘nut or bolt’ has been selected.

AIM Virtual Reality

Ross Burns, Group Lead Industrial Designer at AIM Altitude, says: “The ideas are translated into a virtual cabin experience. The scenes have been created to scale, so the viewer is immersed in a virtual world.”


The Virtual Experience creates three different Door 2 scenes:

  • ‘Classic’ – a more traditional configuration utilising a typical Door 2 layout
  • ‘Space’ – the chance to differentiate: a forward-facing galley and a half-height unit, with clean and open sightlines, which create an open, airy feel
  • ‘Social’ – a relaxing social experience promoted by bespoke seating units and socialising space. This scene shows AIM Altitude’s vision and aesthetic ideas for the future.


Finalising the experience from concept to completion is a physical, full-scale mock-up of the galley that was first conceived at the beginning of AIM Altitude’s journey. This features dramatic LED illumination, practical lighting and aesthetically pleasing finishes. Conceptual aisle-display options demonstrate the flexibility that AIM Altitude is able to offer its customers, presenting airlines with key differentiation through practical design solutions.

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