Crisis Communications and management

PR crisis management in Cambridge

It’s too late to wonder how you will deal with a crisis when you are already in the midst of it. Crises can be managed effectively if the right elements are already in place and we can help you do that.

Some potential problems can be easily identified in advance, others come out of a clear blue sky. You need to be prepared to meet both and that means planning and practice.

We will handle the public-facing PR elements of a crisis for you but dealing with a crisis involves more than that. It begins with assessing your crisis planning: where are the threats likely to come from – an industrial accident; a leak of sensitive information; customer dissatisfaction that has gone public; a social media storm?

Preparation is all. We will help you put a robust, flexible plan in place.

Case studies:

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust – News story – A high profile and sensitive news story requiring careful handling

CCSF – Introducing a new charity, breaking new ground

Cambridge Water – Communicating clearly to consumers via local and regional media

Cambridge Gas & Electricity

Stratford Town Trust – Establishing an identity