Stratford Town Trust

Establishing an identity


The Stratford Town Trust is a grant-giving charity based in Stratford-upon-Avon, and is dedicated to supporting local people and community projects. It provides funding for activities which improve the quality of life for the people living in the town. Since 2001 it has given out around £1 million each year to local good causes, community projects and initiatives that have made Stratford-upon-Avon a better place to live, work and study.




Copywriting, Design and print management, Event management, Media Relations, Planning and strategy, Profile definition & development, Public affairs, Stakeholder relations


Following a report by the Charity Commission the Stratford Town Trust was formed to take on the responsibilities, and the income from the properties and funds, of two charities, the Guild and College estates, whose origins go back to the thirteenth century. The proposed new structure was to establish a company limited by guarantee, of which all adult residents of the town could take up membership. As members they would have the right to be kept informed about what the Charity was doing, attend its annual meeting and vote on certain motions of business and, most importantly, the members would be able to elect five of their own number, by secret ballot, to the Trust’s Board. The brief for Phillips Profile was to help the newly re-formed charity establish a distinctive identity, recruit residents to become members, and to develop a communications programme that ensured that all members, and the wider town community, were kept well-informed about the Trust’s activities, in particular the awarding of grants.


  • A profile definition workshop for Trustees to determine how the new charity needed to be perceived and how best to present itself to the community; how they wished to recruit members and elect trustees; and what activities would be undertaken
  • A very successful publicity campaign to recruit members which involved the design and distribution of leaflets to every Stratford household and press activity which resulted in the recruitment of more than 2,500 members from an adult population of 18,000
  • The organisation and management of the election of the five elected trustees working with Electoral Reform Services, leading at every stage of the process from the call for nominations through to taking up references for candidates and publicising the results
  • Working with the designer to develop a strong corporate identity for the Trust, and also designs and templates for the website, newsletters and Annual Reports
  • The devising and implementation of an effective communications programme including organising and publicising the AGM; arranging displays of grant award winners; producing regular newsletters; putting Annual Reports together; and regular media briefings to encourage grant applications, inform residents of grants awarded, and report on Trust initiatives in the town