The Open University (The OU) in the East, South, South East and South West of England

Raising awareness in local and regional media


The Open University (OU) is the largest academic institution in the UK and a world leader in flexible distance learning. Since it began in 1969, the OU has taught more than 1.8 million students and has almost 200,000 current students, including more than 15,000 overseas. Graduation ceremonies are held each year in London and at regional venues across the UK.


Annual Project


Copywriting, Media Relations, Planning and strategy, Press coverage


Business to consumer

Through editorial only, and focusing upon OU graduation ceremonies, to raise awareness of the accessibility to The Open University for anyone wishing to study in tertiary education. To profile The OU in regional and local media through the success stories of its graduating students at the time of their Graduation.


  • Editorial, including illustrated double page spreads, achieved across all regions via printed and online versions of the newspapers through experienced targeting
  • Interviews with students on local radio stations
  • ROI achieved healthy/impressive result
  • Student stories circulated on social media spontaneously by themselves as a spin out, further increasing OTS value
  • Occasional editorial coverage at national level (beyond the brief)
  • A number of the student stories elicited by Phillips Profile feature as case studies by The OU as course marketing material


The Open University graduation ceremony held on Saturday 25th April 2015 at The Dome in Brighton, East Sussex. Photograph taken on behalf of The Open University by Scott Ramsey Photography

OU Degree Ceremony at Ely Cathedal.