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Building recognition of a company’s expertise and track record


Metropolitan Infrastructure Ltd is the UK’s leading integrated energy and utility infrastructure provider on new developments. The company specialises in delivering comprehensive solutions for low-carbon district energy networks. Metropolitan helps to deliver sustainable developments, meeting the challenges of the most stringent emissions targets.

One example is the prestigious King’s Cross development in central London, where Metropolitan has delivered a future-proofed district energy network and cutting-edge utilities to serve the 35,000 people who are expected to be housed, employed and entertained there.




Copywriting, Core PR, Media Relations, Planning and strategy, Profile definition & development, Proofreading, Sponsorship


To raise awareness of Metropolitan’s profile to housebuilders, developers, architects, consultants and planners in the new-build market as a multi-utilities supplier, with special emphasis on the company’s expertise in building district energy networks and contributing thereby to sustainable developments for the future. To explain the company’s work to introduce new low-carbon fuel sources to power its networks.


  • An increasing awareness within both the private and public-sector development markets of Metropolitan and of its specific offering
  • Articles on district energy published in key journals
  • Metropolitan clearly recognised by the industry as a leading district energy network supplier and operator
  • Metropolitan fielding speakers at key industry conferences

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