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Using case studies to raise awareness


World-renowned ScriptX, from UK company MeadCo, provides controlled, consistent and efficient printing from any major browser. The software enables labels, barcodes, permission slips, claim forms and more to be printed in a user-controlled format, from every networked computer whether in-house or remote.




Consultation, Copywriting, Media Relations


MeadCo was looking to recast its website in preparation for the online launch of a major new development that would make its world-renowned software for printing, ScriptX, accessible to users of all major browsers and search engines, not just to users of Internet Explorer. The client wanted to use PR to raise awareness, chiefly via the website, but also by secondary means, of ScriptX becoming thus available.

The strategy

The website was, and is, a highly sophisticated mechanism, easy to navigate for technologists and therefore to raise awareness of the new product to IT managers. This was not so for the non-specialist. A major part of the PR intent, therefore, was to add a new, complementary section to the website, to facilitate the understanding of non-specialists and help demonstrate the benefits of ScriptX to them, as non-technical company personnel, when it is used in the work place. Recognising the usefulness of direct example, the PR team drew on the experiences of company managers and owners from a diverse range of businesses globally that had seen ScriptX enhance their day-to-day productivity, with profitable results. From these contacts case studies were prepared to showcase the success of ScriptX and its flexibility.


The case studies proved their PR value from the start, providing a context for new visitors to the website learning about ScriptX for the first time. Here were presented familiar situations that they could relate to from their own workplace, and recognise the relevance to their own company’s needs. These same case studies proved useful illustrations also for press activity, however their impact was greatest on the website, where their effectiveness added to the whole.