Focus Wellbeing – using the Acorns press release package

Resilience training from Focus Wellbeing gained publicity using Phillips Profile's service for new companies

“My sister suggested Phillips Profile to me and I am very happy to have listened to her. Kelly and Georgina are both incredibly helpful and personable. Experts in their chosen fields at a fraction of London prices. What’s there not to like?” Dr Guy Barbato.

Focus Wellbeing


Focus Wellbeing Ltd is a unique London-based consultancy offering mental health therapy, resilience training, well-being solutions, executive coaching and focused team building events for organisations. These services can also be accessed by private individuals. All trainers are affiliated to British accrediting bodies. 


Small project – Phillips Profile’s ‘Acorns Press Release Package’


Media Relations, Planning and strategy, Press coverage


  • Business to business
  • To launch Focus Wellbeing Ltd as a new business to the HR and employee benefits trade media

The strategy

To implement the Acorns press release package, a simple service that does not involve extensive media relations nor commitment to a full PR programme. For small companies, just launching, where budgets are very stretched, a single, well-placed story can introduce the company to key journalists and start to build a market presence.