• Netto nimbys – not all surprises are good surprises

    Residents of Lymm in Cheshire are apparently up in arms after the Waitrose they expected, turned out to be a Netto.

    As part of a new retail development, the villagers of historic Lymm were promised a luxury supermarket and had believed they were soon to be shopping in the likes of Waitrose, Marks and Spencer or Booths. When the details of the store final emerged, in turned out that they were to be provided with a Netto, famed for its value goods and discount brands.


  • Has anyone seen my tiger?

    I love this one: it is the annual stock take at London Zoo! It never fails to amuse me. Yes, I am sure it is for very good reasons regarding conservation and breeding programmes but it is just fabulous PR. The staff always get into the spirit of things stating that ‘fish and ants are the hardest to count’ and adding: ‘with the mammals, if you don’t know how many you have, you have problems.’Leaf-cutter-ants

  • Rowan

    Phillips Profile is once again sending digital Christmas cards and making a donation to charity. Our support this year goes to Rowan, a Cambridge City based charity and arts centre that brings together artists and people with learning disabilities in the production of fine artwork and crafts. Rowan provides opportunities for self-expression and creative exploration.

    Creating art, improving lives


  • Different thinking

    “If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.”¬†George S. Patton

  • Bonfire Night – PR success across the centuries

    A group try to assassinate the King by blowing up the House of Lords. This could have been a story of disaster, of such loathing of the King, of religious hatred and of crumbling society. And yet, over four hundred years later, Britain will tonight rejoice with bonfires and fireworks. We are still treating it as a celebration, a survival story, a day of thanksgiving. What an amazing example of PR success!