Monthly Archives: April 2015

  • Getting what your PR needs, not what you ask for

    Sometimes the best relationships are those that give you what you actually need not what you asked for.  Tammy Mcallister Dreamstime Stock PhotosOf course a relationship has to be trusted before you can ignore the words your client has spoken, and instead go with the gut instinct that tells you exactly what they need.  Reading between the lines is a skill not to be dismissed lightly, as is understanding and respecting your client. (more…)

  • Not so Grim after all

    BBC Radio 1 bosses are reportedly ‘livid’ with presenter Nick Joe Haupt The DJ lost his voice after partying with celebrity friends in Istanbul over the weekend. Pictures were posted on Instagram, by ‘Grimmy’ himself it would appear, living-it-up and enjoying the celebrity lifestyle. (more…)

  • Engaging your PR team early reaps the best rewards

    Our local Waitrose is undergoing a major refurbishment. Given that it is squeezed in between homes and businesses in an historic town with virtually no room for manoeuvre, this was never going to be an easy task. Customers are facing a scaled-down temporary store, ongoing works, carpark closures and general construction chaos. You would expect local residents and customer to be outraged. They are not. (more…)

  • Netto nimbys – not all surprises are good surprises

    Residents of Lymm in Cheshire are apparently up in arms after the Waitrose they expected, turned out to be a Netto.

    As part of a new retail development, the villagers of historic Lymm were promised a luxury supermarket and had believed they were soon to be shopping in the likes of Waitrose, Marks and Spencer or Booths. When the details of the store final emerged, in turned out that they were to be provided with a Netto, famed for its value goods and discount brands.